Like This Try That

I thought I would post a different type of blog this time. Did you ever watch (or watch again) a great movie and say to yourself “I wish there was another movie like that one?” For some great movies, I suggest a similar movie. Perhaps you’ve never seen my suggested film or have forgotten about it.

It’s a Wonderful Life – Yes, that “It’s a Wonderful Life,” ZuZu’s petals and all. What movie could match that? Well none, actually, but if you like Jimmy Stewart, Frank Capra, and plenty of Capracorn, check out You Can’t Take It With You . While not as sentimental as Wonderful Life, it has its share of cooky characters, surprising warmth, and a suddenly serious third act. Jean Arthur’s entrance into the room with Jimmy Stewart’s parents is a classic in my book.

Rear Window – Maybe you don’t know, but Rear Window itself was a rediscovered classic. How about a little seen Hitchcock gem called  Stage Fright ? This one is controversial because it’s rumored that Hitch himself didn’t like this movie. I liked it. A brunette in the lead role, a clever plot twist, and plenty of what made Hitchcock famous makes this film one to watch (or watch again).

Airplane – No movie…ever…is as quick-witted as Airplane. Mel Brooks movies come close, but even they take a breather every once in a while. Airplane never lets up. What could be comparable? Try Murder By Death. One of Neil Simon’s earlier efforts, the plot is a classic. One of the first mashups, all of the world’s greatest detectives spend a weekend at an eccentric inventor’s mansion trying a solve a murder that hasn’t happened. The quips come so fast you may find yourself rewinding. And the stars! Not only are the detectives are famous, so are their sidekicks, and so is the victim and the servants!

Say Anything – John Cusack’s classic coming-of-age story. What could be as fun as this movie? Actually, I’ve always preferred an earlier film by John Cusack directed by Rob Reiner – The Sure Thing . When I saw it, the rage was movies attempting to be Porky’s but just offering lowbrow insults. The Sure Thing looked like another one of those. John Cusack’s character is traveling across the country to hook up with a “sure thing” while on the road with Daphne Zuniga, a fellow college student he cannot stand. The Sure Thing has heart, teen angst, and a good deal of humor.

Captain America – Like superhero films? How about another one set in the past like Captain American by the same director, Joe Johnston. The movie is The Rocketeer , and is a great popcorn film. Johnston made some truly fun movies and is currently working on the next Narnia movie (I hope). The Rocketeer stars Timothy Dalton, Billy Campbell, and the ageless Jennifer Connelly. It was clear why Disney wanted Johnston to make Captain America.