Modi Ind0rum


Modi Ind0rum is an adult mystery suspense novel by Karma Lei Angelo, the first in a series. In it, a new detective, Ameena Jardine (AJ), former civil engineer turned geomorphologist, is called in to investigate a potential murder on September 2019. When she investigates the corpse, an overdosed drug user, nothing […]

The Lucifer Ego

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The Lucifer Ego is an adult novel by author T. M. Doran. Full disclosure — I am the author’s brother so I won’t rate it or extol it as if I were a disinterested party. You wouldn’t believe me no matter what I write, but clearly I think highly of the […]

In Defense of Maligned Fairy Tale Characters


Fairytale characters get a bad rap. The heroes and heroines are looked at as weak, sexist, fetish-minded, duplicitous, and superficial. The current trend is to glorify the villains in these stories because, as the saying goes, the villains are the most interesting characters. Interesting, maybe, but I think people give […]

Like This Try That


I thought I would post a different type of blog this time. Did you ever watch (or watch again) a great movie and say to yourself “I wish there was another movie like that one?” For some great movies, I suggest a similar movie. Perhaps you’ve never seen my suggested […]

My Reason for Writing


A few years ago, I was at a crossroads. I enjoyed writing, but what should I do with it? Should I continue writing novels and short stories and pass them around my family, or should I try to reach more people? I always wanted to publish a book and be […]

Fairy Tales for Adult Readers


As my novel Kingdom Come is categorized as an adult fairy tale, I naturally read adult fantasies. There are the traditional swords and sorcery stories, offbeat fantasies, and then the ones like my novel, transporting fantasies. I’ve come across two adult fairy tales recently that I’ve enjoyed. The Book of Lost […]

An Unusual Threat to Utopias


One of the themes of Kingdom Come is to examine what our culture takes for granted and look at it in a new light.  When someone gives their word in Kingdom, because they are often poor, it is the only way they can be trusted.  Your word, then, is your […]

Thank You for Purchasing!


I wanted to thank everyone who has purchased my novel Kingdom Come.  It was on my publisher’s bestseller’s list on the third week in January.  The hardcover was #1 and the softbound was #3 on January 24.  I know many of the people who purchased are friends and family. I […]

What type of novel is Kingdom Come?


I’m often asked, “What kind of novel is Kingdom Come?  Will I like it?  If it’s a fairy tale, is it for children?” Kingdom Come is officially classified as a new adult, high fantasy novel.  The target audience is men and women in their late teens and twenties and thirties […]