From this page, I will post pointers to blog entries reviewing various novels. I have a preference for self-published works. Self-published authors toil to bring a story to the public, putting their art online, and enduring the scrutiny of readers who expect traditional publishing quality. Please support them!

Merona Grant exciting tale of lost silver, thrilling air chases, spunky dogs, and a feisty adventure-seeker.


 Abbac1 – The second in the trilogy (Modi Ind0rum was the first) of a female detective on the hunt for a serial murder who may or may not be administering justice in his crimes.

The Last Dragon Princess  The Last Dragon Princess – A fantasy novel of dragons, court politics, caste systems, genocide, a determined heroine, and more dragons.

Modus Indorum

Modi Ind0rum – A mystery suspense novel of a civil engineer-turned-detective and a serial killer with a penchant for numbers.

The Lucifer Ego – An exciting tale of an archeologist who travels across Europe in search of an item of antiquity, but is it more than it appears to be? Adult. Speculative fiction. Self-published.

Next review coming soon.