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Welcome to Kingdom!  Read the short stories based on the Kingdom Come novel: Do not Save the Princess , The Dwarf’s Report , Oh Well , Neither Fish nor Fowl , Aeron’s Choice , Rose and Coal , and Gooseberries .

Illustrations of scenes from the book: Forest of Blood and Fare Thee Well. And a setting illustration Mount Voyle.

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Kingdom is a parallel world to Earth where fairy tales are real.  You are likely to run into princesses and dragons there, but be warned the residents aren’t as simple as you may think.  They have hopes, dreams, and fears as we do.  With each journey to Kingdom, you’ll learn more and more about this fantastic place.


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Enjoy the following stories and other content.  Please read the Kingdom Come promise for 2018 – The Kingdom Come Promise

Everything below happened before the events described in the novel Kingdom Come. See Kingdom’s Timeline for exactly when they happened.

GooseberriesA Kingdom Come Short Story.  What happens when an overzealous pixie takes on the world, but finds the world isn’t ready for her?

Rose and Coal – A Kingdom Come Short Story. Even the best of fairytale friends may encounter trouble when one acts as matchmaker.

Aeron’s Choice – A Kingdom Come Story Story.  A young girl discovers an evil presence in the town of Exile — a being preying on its residents.

Forest of Blood Battle – A Kingdom Come Illustration. A colorful depiction of Hero’s battle in the Forest of Blood when he and his companions tried to recover the magic flower.

Neither Fish Nor Fowl – A Kingdom Come Story. Are the rumors true about the warrior princess from Nor? One man will find out.

Oh Well – A Kingdom Come Story. Spraining your wrist is hardly a way to meet a dashing young man, but Radiance is not your typical servant girl.

Mount Voyle – A Kingdom Come IllustrationThere are many mysterious and illusionary places in the land known as Kingdom. Chief among them is Mount Voyle, a mountain that appears and disappears for reasons known only to itself.

The Dwarf’s Report – A Kingdom Come Story. A band of dwarfs, seeking cursed artifacts for a mysterious benefactress, must use all their pluck and abilities to regain what was lost. Part One.

The Dwarf’s Report 2 – A Kingdom Come Story. The dwarfs, now burdened with a payload they must destroy, find a legendary location to dispose of their items. But something lurks in the darkness there… Part Two.

Do not Save the Princess – A Kingdom Come Story. Down on his luck, a hunter does the one inexcusable act in Nor…he saves the princess.

Fare Thee Well – A Kingdom Come Illustration. Near the end of Kingdom Come, in a secluded pixie grove, a character must wish another farewell.

Things We Keep – A Kingdom Come Story. The king sends his holy and elite fighting squad to capture a powerful artifact, but to what end will it be used? Coming soon.