What is this site about anyway?

My name is Jim Doran and I love to write.  Posted here are excerpts from novels, complete short stories, and other essay topics on writing and fantasy I’ve created over the years.  All content on this site is copyrighted, but you are welcome to read everything I’ve uploaded for free.  The main pages represent different series I’ve authored throughout the years, often in the genre of fantasy or horror.  Illustrations are copyrighted and provided by Daniel Johnson.  Please also check out his Gallery.

On this site, I’m pleased to share with you my tales of fantasy, mystery, horror, romance, and other genres.  In other words, this is my portfolio of fascinating stories.  As such, I envision this site for people to read rather than interact.

If you want to contact me, please send me an email at jim.doran.author@gmail.com.

Twitter: @JDoran711

Instagram: jimdoranauthor

Come back often and see what’s new.