Kingdom Come Promise

In 2018, my novel, Kingdom Come, was published, and it is now available for sale (see links below).  To celebrate the launch year, I will publish new content every month of the year — a short story or other media pertaining to the novel — on this site every second weekend.  You are welcome to read these stories.  If you like what you see or read, please purchase the book and tell others about the site.  The novel is the culmination of the stories you’ll find here.

To purchase: Kingdom Come – Hardcover   Kingdom Come – Softcover   Kingdom Come – eBook

The stories so far are Do not Save the Princess , The Dwarf’s Report (Part 1), The Dwarf’s Report (Part 2), Oh Well , Neither Fish nor Fowl , Aeron’s Choice ,  Rose and Coal and Gooseberries. Read the Kingdom Come timeline too.

The illustrations below are cropped images of scenes from the book. Click on The Forest of Blood Battle  and Fare Thee Well to see the full depictions also by Daniel Johnson.

Fare Thee Well illustration
A Special goodbye.
Planet the pixie
Planet about to go into battle.

For a colorful illustration of Kingdom, please view Mount Voyle also by Daniel Johnson.

So welcome to Kingdom and enjoy its famous and little-known characters, its fantastic locales, and its bumbling and absurdly-named heroes and heroines.

Please send me feedback at I’d love to hear from you.